Terms and Conditions


1. The agreement client this that when sending an order via electronic order on watch via Web) you authorize to OnlineDataBackupSolutions or in its defect to 2checkout.com to realise the position corresponding at your service on watch to his card of credit.

2. If the client does not wish that their card of credit is loaded, then this it does not have to provide the data of the same and can send an email soliciing majors information of the service or to select in the form of hiring of services the option of payment in €œcash€ or €œbank deposit€.

3. Following the package of lodging Web the client has a certain one limits of data transfer (bandwidth usage) monthly. In case of exceeding this he limits specified in his package of lodging, the client debera to pay to OnlineDataBackupSolutions the surplus of this transference.

4. The clients who contract to lodging Web and wish to pay monthly, inquire to them that the position to their card into credit or the payment of the service hara the three last days of every month. In case of not receiving its payment the service sera suspended to the third day of the month noncovered.

5. OnlineDataBackupSolutions at a certain time podria to deny the service or to give by finished this adjustment if the client refuses to realise his payments in time. This conclusion of this adjustment or negation of the service excluira to the client not to pay positions of services proportionate and/or any administrative position.


These conditions are not exhaustive and OnlineDataBackupSolutions reserves the right to modify them at any time. The new conditions tomarian effect once they are published in the www.OnlineDataBackupSolutions.com site.

1. Any attempt to damage our servers or clients is specifically prohibited.

2. Any attempt of use of information or equipment of another clients without authorization of proprietor, including €œengineering social€ (trying to deceive the people so that they share his passwords), the robbery of keys, the search of security holes (scanning), etc. will be in action against the attacker.

The possible actions include warnings, suspension of accounts, cancellation of accounts and civil action or penal, following the seriousness of the attack.

3. Any account can be cancelled if it includes the following content or direct links to the following content: Offensive material for the community including racist tendencies or of hatred, to promote or to provide information or instructions for the practice with illegal activities or being promoted physical damages against people and/or groups, material who explode to juniors, acts of infraction to the rights of author including the illegal copy offer of softwares or connections to the same and information to break schemes of computer science protection including serial numbers or codes of registry.

4. Asked for mail (SPAM) the shipment of asked for mail of massive form this prohibited in our network reason why the omission of this condition would not be in the cancellation of its account. OnlineDataBackupSolutions has a tolerance-zero as far as the Spam shipment from our servers, by the same all the emails that are sent from our servers are tracked to avoid: bombing to email addresses, alteration of the headed ones of e-mails, by email electronic Spam in groups of the news, threats and/or intimidations.

Note: If it is used to another supplier to realise Spam on some domain provided with accomodations in OnlineDataBackupSolutions will be applied the present policy as if the Spam had been sent from our network.

Penalty: Following the gravity of the problem, OnlineDataBackupSolutions reserves the right to load to your account of $100 to $500,00 dollars American or to confiscate the content of the webpage until this fine is covered.

Request of cancellation of the service

All request of cancellation of any service (s) debera to be made and with 15 days of anticipation to in writing obtain a reimbursement. This reimbursement or policy of €œ30 days or the return of its money€ stops applying once the client has made use of the service by but of 30 days. Any request of cancellation sera accepted of Monday through Friday of 9am to 6pm.

Level on watch

The lodging Web that we provided, and the vps hosting with cpanel becomes from servers who we have Co-located in datacenter GNAX (Global Net Acess) of the United States. Every time these servers require updates of security, kernel upgrades and update of software or hardware hara without extra position for the users. The hosting also supports PHP, MySQL, OsCommerce, and other software that are very helpful.

Sometimes the service of lodging Web podria to interrupt due to improvements in the network or replacement of some equipment but all in order to offer a better service to him. Any interrrupcion by maintenance or improvements in the servers becomes previous warning, generally via email and with a minimum of 24 hours of anticipation.

Defining of responsibilities