Web Hosting

Dual Hosting in Intel servers/Dual Quad-Core Xeon, with hard disks of solid state (SSD's). We count on packages from $ 99 pesos.

Design of Pages

Responsive webpages and conceived, with design intuitive and inspired by the experience of the user and the different devices well.

Registry of Domains

It does not need to have a webpage to be able to register a domain, can register it and begin to enjoy the benefits today.

Maintenance of Pages

Or it has his webpage but desaparecio his to simply webmaster or never quick him the importance due to his page?

Certificates SSL

It guarantees his clients who the website is protected to realise payments and avoids doubts or complaints by the lack of security in its website.

Ip's dedicated

You can acquire a dedicated IP if (SSL) requires to use security certificate or if it does not want to share the IP with the rest of accounts in the servant.

Because we?

Without concerning if this initiating its business or if this established, its identity is the key.

To develop its own business can be exciting, but to operate a business is not only to be its own head. Also one is to make sure that it has the suitable resources, the abilities and the experience to do the good work. It allows to in line do position to us of his presence, OnlineDataBackupSolutions can provide with accomodations his webpage, register his domain, make his page and until positioning it in the first page of Google.

It allows that its brand reaches its maximum potential in Internet with our help.