Control Panel

Simple, fast, safe

Panel with more than 400 apps free (WordPress, Chat, Forums, Joomla, etc) €” lists to install with a click.




Panel with greater capacity of answer


Modern system of DNS that uses less load of memory and processor, offering less latency (temporary retardations) of the requests.


The new fuel for applications! Faster yield and a model of trustworthy security for applications, without sacrificing speed.

EasyApache 4

With interfaces of load of until 18x faster than in version 58. The job stream of personalisation is simplified improving the usability.

Paper Lantern

This new interface focuses in the days of load faster than its predecessor €œx3€, in addition to providing support for an excellent experience 4k.

Charge of faster Zone DNS

The system of charge deferred for Servers of Names received a complete revision, improving the capacity of answer of all the interfaces of the zone and domain.