Ip's dedicated

Exclusive feature for its company

In all the plans of Hosting the clients have a direction IP shared with the rest of the sites lodged in the servant. Nevertheless, you can acquire a dedicated IP if (SSL) requires to use security certificate or if it does not want to share the IP.


For the great companies or businesses, it is very important that their post office arrive correctly at the clients and who the message does not go to Mail nonWished. For stores in line or webpages to handle the confidential information of its clients.

For this, it is important to count on an IP dedicated in the shipment of emails. That is to say, that the direction IP by which they are sent the post office is exclusive of their domain, independent of the rest of the domains that share the servant. With this one better reputation in the companies that control the Spam, causing that his emails arrives at inbox and not at mail nonwished or Spam especially in Hotmail, Gmail is obtained and Yahoo.

In case of being boletinado by some black list, she is much but simple and fast to solve when not having to fight sometimes with hundreds and thousands of clients sharing the same servant.


A shared direction IP is what it seems, a direction that you share€¦ The same direction is used by other clients lodged in the same servant where this his domain. The bad thing to share resources is that the use is not controlled that the rest of the users gives him.

For example, if €œthe neighboring€ clients send messages to directions of obsolete email or blatantly they send Spam, the reputation of complete direction IP could turns it jeopardize.