Responsive pages

A moving target

The Web has changed and evolved and it will continue it doing year after year, week after week, day to day. As we also see and we consumed the Web has changed and it will continue it doing. At the moment its webpage can be seen in something as small as its telephone or as great as its new television of 60€. Perhaps someday we are sailing the Web from our washing machines or in miniscreens in our spectacles, that know!

The change is good

We think that the change is good and tried to welcome it, but as this is related to the Web? If we accepted that we do not have control on the size and forms of the screens that people use to see webpages, then we accepted that the Web is constructed on an infinite linen cloth. Any thing that we design must be developed of such form that the content is readable, and accessible without mattering from where it is acceded.

Responsive design

Nowadays the responsive webpages are but the rule that the exception €” But that means this? When a webpage is designed with responsive code the structure and content adapt to the size of the device or screen that this being used to see it, and thus the user can sail of comfortable and easy form the site.