Help webpages

That needs?

  • In order to have his webpage in line it needs to follow three fundamental steps:
  • 1. To register a domain Web
  • 2. To design its webpage

Web Hosting

First that is recommended is to register a domain Web, that comes being the direction from a company, organization or person in Internet.

Without a domain, the visitors to their page would have to accede using direction IP of the servant (for example, instead of

To register domain Web

The domain has one double function in Internet:

As €œdirection€, it is the form easiest, fast and intuitive to locate a webpage in Internet. As €œbrand€, it serves to identify companies, people, brands, products and services.

It already has registered his domain, then it is time search a good designer for the creation of his webpage. But, before the selection, you must know what sera the objective of its website.

A page without objective can be frustrating as much for the client as for the designer.

To contract to design Web

Without forgetting that really the design is not for you, the client €” The page must be designed for its users€¦

It can be difficult to understand at the outset, nevertheless if it analyzes it coldly has much sense, because at the end of accounts which really matters they are the users.

This service is the one that will do possible that its webpage can be visited the 24 hours of the day by any person who sails in Internet.

So that a page can be seen through Internet must be provided with accomodations in a servant.

The great portals due to the intense traffic that receive have own or dedicated servers. Nevertheless, the costs of maintenance of a servant are very lifted,

To contract to lodging Web

Thus, this is not a viable option for the majority of the companies and small or medium businesses