Help registry domains

As selecting to a good domain Web

It understands better the importance than it can get to have good reputation of domain. A domain is necessary for a website, an e-mail or another service Web.

Because to register a domain Web

If she glides to have a website first that is recommended is to register a domain, that comes being the direction from a company, organization or person in Internet. It is the door that gives to people the access him to the virtual world and allows that their information, products or services are accessible to million people anywhere in the world.

Without a domain, the visitors to their page would have to accede using direction IP of the servant (for example, instead of

In Internet, the names of domain and the system of domain names (DNS), translate directions IP of the servers of terms memorizable and easy to find. Outside the Internet, they serve to identify companies, people, brands, products and services.

As selecting to a domain Web

Make sure that the domain is brief. It counts I number of syllables and characters.

It selects to a completion of high level (.com, .net, .org or edu) and the code of his country (if outside necessary). If the name that wishes this taken in its country can register it with the abbreviations of another one. In some countries it is not necessary to reside to register it with the abbreviations of that place there.

It verifies that the domain can be pronounced easily in other languages (remembers that Internet is world-wide).

It confirms that its domain is not confused when writing it or to pronounce it. He is not recommendable one that can be written incorrectly.

This available its domain?