Help seeking Web

Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

In a as competitive world as in that we lived appear thousands of new webpages to the day, to not outside sail by such amount of resources serious chaotic if by the finders Web, since thanks to them the task is simplified of finding what we looked for in Internet.

To discharge by hand from the hospital a webpage, in the greater possible amount of finders, llevaria him very enormously time, without mentioning that every week new finders and directories are born, apart from which the finders update their data monthly, lowering of position the added pages previously.

It is therefore advisable reagregar its website regularly, since of this form, its site scales positions in the finders, at the same time as it goes being added to the new ones that they are appearing.

Recommendations for its inclusion in the finders

Finders exist that after to receive the discharge of a site, visit the page by means of an indexing robot (to spider); this it is a process automated in which a machine looks for information in its page and do not take part human beings.

Labels for finders

So that its site appears of the best way in these finders must contain the labels HEAD and BODY. The lack of these labels does not mean that the webpage not sera indexed, nevertheless to have them tendra most successful in the searches.

Head is the heading of the webpage that is where metatags are introduced; the information that is put within these labels is not visible for the visitors, but for the robots of indexing and is important for the correct indexing of the page.

Title, is the important label but and is visible for the visitors (it is the title who appear in the window of the navigator). Normally title is one of the parameters but used for the indexing in the finders, it is most important that it appears the phrase or keywords by which we want to be found in the title of our page.

Keywords, is not used by all the finders, but it is important that also it appears there the phrase search or separated excellent words by commas.

Description, is what appears normally as the description of the webpage when the finders show the results of a search. This label also usually is used by the robots to index, reason why inserting the phrase search within the €˜goal description€™ is also important.

Robots, are the one that instructs when spider on as indexing, since it indicates if it must follow the links and index the pages. The values can be the following: index, follow - it indicates that it must index the present page and follow all the bonds of the page. noindex, nofollow - it indicates that it does not have to index this page nor to follow his bonds. index, nofollow - it indicates that it must index the page but not follow his bonds. noindex, follow - it indicates to him that it does not have to index the present page and if to follow all the bonds of the page. Revisit indicates the robot in that time (in days) must return to visit the page looking for changes.

Labels HTML

Label Body - the body is the visible part of the page and is really what it is seen, spiders looks for in the €œbody€ that comes being the content from the page and when indexing the page gives importance him to diverse parameters, the first phrase of the paragraph, headings etc, and also usually they index the labels €œalt€ because the robots or spiders cannot interpret an image, but can read the labels €œalt€ that it comes being the alternative text from an image or diagram - this information uses it to index.

The amount of words, the frequency of the words search in the text, the situation of the phrase in the page and until the use of synonyms is what a page this in first position does that and is the secret to obtain so wished first positions.
Example of metatags:
<! DOCTYPE html>
<html lang= " is " >
<title>El title of ours pagina</title>
<meta name= " keywords€ content= " words and/or phrases nails€/>
<meta name= " description€ content= " description of the site€/>
<meta name= " robot€ content= " index, follow€/>
<meta name= " revisit€ content= " 15 days€/>
<body> here the main body of the page, images, text, etc </body>