Types of pages

He knows the objective his page?

He considers that a site without objective can be frustrating as much for the client as for the designer, you you must know that he is what looks for to obtain and/or to offer with its webpage.

  • OnlineDataBackupSolutions to simplicar the things to him, has identified three types of webpages, same that can serve basic for their incursion to the world Web to him.
  • 1. The announcement
  • 2. Support to sales
3. The store


The announcement

This site must contain description of the company and information of contact. This without a doubt he is the type of economic website but to construct and the one that less maintenance requires.

Any designer can construct a site as this in very just a short time. With a page as this does not have to worry to have diagrams or showy images much, it remembers that the main objective is that people know her company and that they know where to find it, so she must be concentrated in two aspects nails.

Contained the visitors they must establish easy and fast to that its company is dedicated.

Access the visitors deberan to find their information of direct contact.


Support to sales

This site must contain description of the company, information of contact, form of commentaries/suggestions, product specification (s), description of its services and section of questions and answers.

With a page as this the objective must be to facilitate the life to him to its sales staff, to its clients and their prospectuses.

Here it must put but attention to the images, diagrams and to an artistic presentation but, but it must again be concentrated in two aspects nails.

Content Must useful, exact and be updated.

Access navigation must be fast, simple and consistent.


The store

It must contain description of the company, information of contact, product catalogue and system of payment.

In a page as this the design or including the payment mechanism does not seran the main objective. The main objective sera the integration of a true system of sales. If you already have in his company a sales department that operates on the basis of sales by catalogue and shipment of orders by paqueteria, this system can facilitate its incursion in the electronic commerce.

E-business creates a great difference, but not necessarily for all the companies, reason why we recommended precaution when entering this market. To recover the investment can be everything a challenge, without mentioning the high cost of operating a site as this, which definitively is and sera much more high that to either operate sites previously mentioned.

It doesn't know by where beginning?

Without concerning if this initiating its business or if this established, its identity is the key.

It allows that its brand reaches its maximum potential in Internet €” OnlineDataBackupSolutions can provide with accomodations its webpage, register its domain, make its site and until positioning it in the first page of Google.