Hosting and design professional Web in Cancun, Mexico so that it has a successful presence in Internet.

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Prices in weights without hidden positions, stable servers.

Hosting that really works, endorsed by efficient technical support, so that approach in its subjects and not in ours €” that simple.

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* Guarantee of 30 days for cancellations.

Basic Hosting

  • $ 99 month
  • 1024 Megabyte Disc Space
  • 10 Cuentas of mail
  • 4096 Megabyte Bandwidth

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Advanced Hosting

  • $ 165 month
  • 3072 Megabyte Disc Space
  • 25 Cuentas of mail
  • 8192 Megabyte Bandwidth

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Design Web

Webpages good conceived, of handling intuitive and inspired by the experience of the user €” During years we have been creating webpages for companies, in addition to supporting with programming Web to different studies from design & agencies of marketing.

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Computer and reason

The Web has moved beyond the writing-desk because of vps hosting, and it is not looking backwards. Hosting package is very useful since it supports WordPress, OsCommerce, etc

€œThe Responsive€ design of webpages is now a rule, but that an exception. All our webpages are designed of responsive form so that they adapt to the screen of the device and the user can see the comfortable content and easily.

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